Wall Of Flame

Jim Knapp Memorial Little Pig Cookoff

This “Wall of Flame” features pictures of the top scoring team each year.
(Blind Judges Pick – Best Porksteak)


2018: Miss P-Gee’s Smoker

Miss P-Gees Smoker Gary and Penny Sprehe 1st place judges pick SK

2017: Scheite Vauh Doht

Scheite Vauh Doht BBQ


2016: Master Basters




2015: Double Aughts




2014: Miss P-Gee’s Smoker

Penny and Gary Sprehe - Miss P-Gees Smokers - first place



2013: Miss P-Gee’s Smoker

Miss P-Gees Smoker Penny Sprehe and husband Gary Sprehe



2012: The Meatheads




2011: Team Wolfe Bar-B-Que